Role & Deliverables

art direction, identity, design deck, print design

The Southeast Asian Culture Heritage Society (SEACHS) is a registered, non-profit arts organization that engages in training and educating Canadians about Southeast Asian cultures. It aims to encourage people, young and old, to become involved in the preservation and promotion of Southeast Asian culture through performing arts, visual arts, and various events. Through these activities, SEACHS hopes to create a forum of engagement that cultivates wellness within the local Southeast Asian-Canadian communities, and further enrich the diversity of Canadian society.


My role in SEACHS was to create a new logo, and a few brand applications that captures the artistic spirit and diversity of Southeast Asian cultures. The new logo is a stylized, typographical treatment of "SEACHS" itself, and takes inspiration from the colours and patterns of various traditional Southeast Asian textiles. As such, the logo can also be utilized as a pattern-like, graphic element that can easily be paired well with photos taken of their various events. In such contexts, the goal of the logo is not to overpower, but to act as a visual complement for the performances and events by SEACHS, present and future.


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