Sakura's Hope Foundation

Role & Deliverables

art direction, identity, design deck

Sakura's Hope Foundation is an organization that provides fundraising and support for various animal rescue and animal rights advocacy charities within Canada. Among the organizations Sakura's Hope Foundation has collaborated with in the past are the Friends of Humane Society International (FHSI), and World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Sakura's Hope Foundation simply needed a logo and a basic brand image to kickstart their small scale operation.


Sakura's Hope Foundation takes its name from the co-founder's pet dog that passed away a few years before. "Sakura" (桜 kanji) as she was affectionally called, was named after the cherry blossom. She had been an important part of the co-founder's life—starting from their early days in Japan, until the time of her passing after moving to Canada. Sakura's Hope Foundation was founded in no small amount in memory of her.

I created a brand identity which reflects the brand's history and personal significance to its co-founder, using inspiration from cherry blossoms and the many photographs of Sakura herself, of which had been shared with me. The result is a logo that can be utilized in patterns and as graphic ornamentation, with a colour palette that is both warm and affectionate. The brand message is communicated through quotes on themes of "home" and the "good times"—of happy memories shared between pet and pet parent. By aligning such themes with the mission of Sakura's Hope Foundation, the brand comes to life in both a personal and value-oriented level for both its co-founders, and the intended audience.


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