Precision Cedar Products

Role & Deliverables

art direction, web & UI design

Other Team Members

  • Blaine Yamakawa / project manager

  • Robin Zimmer / full-stack developer

  • Caleb Barnes / full-stack developer

Precision Cedar Products is a lumber company based in British Columbia, Canada with a long history firmly rooted in the cedar business. Specializing in a wide range of Western Red Cedar products, Precision Cedar Products offers shipments, large or small, to markets around the world. With over 90+ years experience in manufacturing, the Precision Cedar Products brand is synonymous with the highest standards in quality and service.

Having settled with their aging website for a number of years, Precision Cedar Products hired us at Jambaree to create a complete website redesign that can provide their customers with a more modern web experience, and from their end, an easier way to attract orders.


The result is an overhaul of their digital brand image. With more emphasis on product photography, and a clean, no-nonsense approach to layout and typography, the redesigned website now provides a more refined web experience that leaves little room for ambiguity. The website utilizes a meganav as a simpler and clearer means of displaying the available products on hand, while custom graphics—that have been derived from the original logo of the brand—further reinforces the client's overall brand image all throughout the site.

Moreover, a close-cropped feature image is the highlight on the homepage header in order to connote an air of sophistication in how precise the website has been crafted and laid out—a sort of implied, visual pun to top it all off.


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