Role & Deliverables

editorial design, print design, web & UI design

Other Team Members

  • Blaine Yamakawa / project manager

  • Tyler Barnes / full-stack developer

Based in BC, Canada, bioLytical® Laboratories Inc. is a privately-owned company that sells the INSTI® rapid diagnostic test product line, including its unique HIV test kit, with support by regulatory approvals mainly in the US, Canada, and the EU. The INSTI® test platform provides quick and accurate results, and is trusted by healthcare professionals with over 15 million tests already performed worldwide.

We were approached by bioLytical® to redesign the former INSTI® website, and give it a newer coat of paint. I was tasked at Bare Advertising & Communications to take on this redesign, and develop a creative direction and a more contemporary digital brand image for INSTI® as a whole. Furthermore, the new website redesign would coincide with the release of updated print collateral. 


The challenge with the redesign was consolidating the dense amount of information on hand, while having to communicate said information to the diverse, potential users of products that bioLytical® provides. To appeal to a much wider audience, the INSTI® website needed to redo their approach in terms of content and visual language.

The website and updated print materials now place more emphasis on unobtrusive layouts and how-to-use diagrams, and feature a refreshingly clean and vibrant colour palette that de-stigmatizes the notion of HIV and other virus-infected patients. The redesign also recognizes that users of INSTI® are diverse—heterosexual and same-sex couples, young and old, and so on—and that the inclusion of such imagery in positive contexts further humanizes them. From all this, the redesign also aligns INSTI® with a brand message that connects a good lifestyle with the idea of good health.


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