Exploring Ehime

Role & Deliverables

art direction, editorial design

Words, Illustration & Photos

Mika Senda

Located in northwest of the Shikoku Island of Japan, Ehime Prefecture is an area blessed with nature parks, history, culture and tourist attractions. Visitors to Ehime come to partake in the waters and hospitality of Dogo Onsen, one of Japan’s oldest of hot springs, dating back to the 19th century during the Meiji Period. Ehime Prefecture is also known for Matsuyama Castle at Matsuyama, its capital city—also renowned for its own popular locales and tourist attractions.


Commissioned by the Ehime Tourism Department for the Visit Ehime Japan website, Exploring Ehime is an e-brochure, available either digitally or in print, that provides information on the various tour spots around Ehime Prefecture. It serves as a quick and easy-to-use reference guide and information resource for assist tour companies in creating itineraries for their tour programs. In order to achieve this, the e-brochure has to be constrained in length, while still providing enough information on local attractions, and even detour trips that can be done around the area. By utilizing this guide, tour guides are able to make decisions and plan their routes in any way that suits their clients.


Exploring Ehime has been made simple to follow thanks to each tourist attraction being listed numerically. Tourist attractions in each location have been numbered accordingly also as a means to suggest itinerary options. In addition to this, simple travel directions are displayed for featured locations alongside information on their local specialties. Minor sections have also been included to provide information on possible side trips for the traveller that loves to take the occassional side trips every now and then. In terms of design, the look and feel of the e-brochure was made as a marriage between travel magazine and the photo album. Photography showing off the charm points of each location are featured extensively on a loose grid layout, accompanied by exposition and QR codes for further details available online. The purpose of the e-brochure, along with its constraints, called for the overall editorial design to be tight and yet flexible with regard to layout, while being able to delight and engage the intended users and would-be visitors to Ehime Prefecture.

Exploring Ehime was done in collaboration with IGLOOO via Mika Senda—a designer/illustrator and content creator based in Shikoku, Japan.


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