Alera Farms

Role & Deliverables

art direction, identity, design deck, brand applications

Alera Farms is a family-run farm in the Philippines dedicated to raising chickens and selling eggs for the local market. As a newcomer into the market, Alera Farms seeks to establish its own place in the farm industry with its fresh, home-grown personality and local values. Alera Farms required an identity, a logo and a set of basic business applications. To this end, developing a brand image with a basic set of guidelines was the main goal of this project.


The logo of Alera Farms utilizes shapes of chicken footprints to form the branches of a tree icon. Each branch is positioned with an upward movement to imply a sense of playful, positive engagement and flourishing growth. A bold, slab typeface is selected to provide a relaxed personality, and further create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to the logo. To top it off, a colour palette of vibrant and natural shades of greens is employed to bring each element of the logo together.

There is one dirt road that runs through Alera Farms, but there is a different story each time one walks across it. By featuring the local and the everyday via photography, the visual language of the brand evokes the feel of a photo album that underpins the brand image of Alera Farms across its brand applications.


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